Case Studies

Root Cause Failure Analysis of a Pitch bearing of a Windmill- Preventive and Predictive Maintenance

Pitch bearing of a windmill when dismantled for conducting the root cause failure analysis, found the balls in this condition. Grease analysis done and found <1% OIL separation after 24 hrs. As this is under warranty, OEM says we are greasing the bearings as per schedule and no sign of failure recorded until the end […]

Case Study about CRB Misaligned in a Gearbox- Bearing Failure Analysis

Caravan Reliabilty team facing an real issue related to Bearing Failure. A Customer using gearbox in his paper plant application was informed about a bearing problem while routine vibration analysis by a 3rd party agency and could not specifically identify the real issue. Later the same customer approached us to identify what was wrong in […]